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FLASHBACK: Coretta Scott King Thanked Alabama Officials, Including Sessions, For Civil Rights Library

Sen. Elizabeth Warren made waves on Tuesday night when Senate Republicans voted to silence to her under Rule 19, which forbids one senator from impugning the character of another. Warren was reading from a 1986 letter by Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King, about Jeff Sessions.

The letter was written about Sessions’ nomination for a federal judgeship, and Warren wanted to point to it as proof that Sessions, now a Senator from Alabama, is racist. This is an argument Senate Democrats have been trying to make against Sessions since President Trump announced his nomination to serve as Attorney General.

However, this letter leaves out one crucial detail about the relationship between Sessions and King. In 2000, she publicly thanked Sessions for securing funding for the Rosa Parks Library, Museum and Learning Center at Troy State University’s Montgomery campus.

That year, Sessions attached an amendment to an appropriations bill that gave $1 million to Alabama to build the facility. During the opening ceremony, both Sessions and King spoke.

“We’re spending billions of dollars on parks and recreation every year and a one-time appropriation to help Troy State University create this museum would be a good expenditure,” Sessions said in a statement.

King thanked Troy State University and by extension Sessions for “providing tireless leadership that made this wonderful facility a reality.”