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FLASHBACK: Warren Calls The Republican Tax Reform Plan Common Sense

In 2015, Elizabeth Warren outlined an America first tax reform plan at the National Press Club.

Republicans may have an unlikely ally in their tax reform fight in Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who during a 2015 speech at the National Press Club, basically outlined the Republicans’ proposed tax reform plan and called it common sense.

“Tax reform should promote investment in jobs here in the US. The loopholes that litter our tax code and allow tax dodgers to hide cash overseas also actively encourage multinationals to outsource jobs and invest money abroad,” Warren told the crowd. “Right now, US companies can pay a lower rate by investing overseas instead of the US.”

“Our tax code should protect jobs and investments at home. Period,” Warren concluded. “These three principles– raise more long-term revenue, level the playing field for small businesses, and invest in jobs here in America– seem pretty simple. Most Americans probably agree with these common sense ideas.”

Indeed, the Republican tax reform plan aims to implement many of what Warren called “common sense ideas,” in 2015.

Republicans want to provide “greater fairness for all Americans by closing special interest tax breaks and loopholes.”

Republicans also want to provide, “tax relief for businesses, especially small businesses,” and to end, “incentives to ship jobs, capital, and tax revenue overseas.”

Now 2017 Warren has come out against Republicans’ tax reform plan, but 2015 Warren called it common sense. It seems that Warren’s opposition to the Republican plan has more to do with politics than policies.