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Fmr. Deputy Sec. of State: It’s a Myth That U.S. Sanctions on Russia Have Been Devastating

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State Heather Conley appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee and said that it is a myth that U.S. sanctions on Russia have had a devastating impact.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) asked Conley about Putin’s internal political constraints with regards to the illicit economy in Russia.

Conley told the committee, “[t]he Russian economy and President Putin’s management of it has stabilized the economy for now. The long-term trajectory is quite dire.”

“I think there’s a myth in some ways that the sanctions have had a devastating impact on the Russian economy. They have hurt them, but they have stabilized,” Conley went on to inform Sasse.

Conley also talked about how Putin has created his own national guard, and that Putin knows things in Russia are going to get very rough,