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Fmr. Obama Secretary of Defense: It Was A Mistake To Draw A Red Line In Syria

On Thursday, former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel appeared on CNN to discuss the ongoing war in Syria. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Hagel if it was a mistake for President Obama to issue a red line in Syria and not follow through on the ultimatum.

“Well, yes, I think it was,” Hagel told Blitzer. “When the president of the United States says something to the world, that’s a big deal. And then not fulfill a commitment that he made, your allies lose confidence and trust in your leadership and your word.”

Hagel concluded: “I go back to a president’s word. I think when a president gives his word and makes a commitment like that, and even before that when the president had said – and I wasn’t there at the time – that Assad must go. We did nothing in our policy to actually facilitate that, which I think hurt us with our allies as well.”