Fmr Philly Mayor Implies Trump’s Demand that Germany Meet NATO Obligations Could Be Sexism

By NTK Staff | 05.30.2017 @1:01pm

Democrat Michael Nutter said that President Trump was afraid of "strong, powerful women" like German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Former Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter implied that President Trump’s criticism of the U.S. trade deficit with Germany and his demand that Berlin meet its NATO obligations could be sexism on CNN on Tuesday.

Responding to the president’s tweet, Nutter praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “[Trump’s criticism is] pretty disgraceful and I have to commend the Chancellor for speaking her mind.”

“Remember, it appears Donald Trump is intimidated by strong, powerful women,” Nutter said. “He refused to shake her hand in the White House.”

“She spoke her mind, and now he’s all flipped out today on Twitter,” he continued.

Nutter criticized Trump’s first foreign trip as a whole, calling it “embarrassing.”

The Philadelphia Mayor stepped into controversy in 2015 when he called Trump “an asshole” in his official capacity.

Trump responded, calling Nutter a “low life.”

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