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Former DNC Spokesman Criticizes Perez and DNC

Mo Elleithee said the DNC is “decimated,” and that he could do without Perez’s foul language.

Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) spokesman Mo Elleithee criticized both the DNC and its chairman, Tom Perez, in an appearance on Fox News on Thursday.

“The DNC was in really, really, really bad shape heading into and coming out of this election,” Elleithee said. “It had been decimated.”

Elleithee made clear that the Democrats’ problems went beyond the leaked files that caused discord.

On Perez, Elleithee said that he “could do without” the profanity. Perez has been cursing up a storm on the campaign trail and even received a rebuke from CBS News’ John Dickerson.

“He’s firing up the base. I think he can do that without [profanity],” Elleithee said.