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Former Google Employee: It’s OK to Openly Shame White People or All Men at Google

The author of the Google memo also admits the company’s bias towards the left, with regards to who they do business with.

The author of the controversial Google memo James Damore said that the tech giant promotes a culture where it is okay to openly shame white people, and men in general for that matter, during an interview on “The Ben Shapiro Show.”

Ben Shapiro asked Damore what the policial representation is like inside Google, and whether he thinks Google is biasing their search results and how they do business in favor of the left.

“I don’t know about biasing search results, but they may definitely be biasing who they do business with,” Damore told Shapiro.

Shapiro followed up by asking Damore if there is an obvious political preference for people on the left inside Google and whether Damore has ever seen examples of this political preference.

“Yeah so you can openly shame white people or all men, and we do this in our company-wide meetings,” Damore responded. “So yeah there’s definitely a bias towards certain movements.”

Damore explains how one of Google’s recent weekly all-hands meetings known as TGIF was for the Black Lives Matter movement.