Former Obama Advisor Assumes Trump Is Going on Apology Tour

By NTK Staff | 05.19.2017 @3:40pm

Evelyn Farkas speculated that Trump would "make up" for his "anti-Muslim" rhetoric and "anti-Semitism."

Former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas speculated on MSNBC that President Trump will apologize to the countries on his foreign trip for his prior rhetoric during what she dubbed a Trump “make-up tour.”

“He’s going to Saudi Arabia, where he’s going to kind of have to take back the words that he used against the Saudis, calling them essentially ‘freeloaders,'” Farkas said.

She also cited his “anti-Muslim” travel ban and the “rhetoric he used against Muslims.”

When Trump traveled to Israel, Farkas said that he would have to make up for “catcalling, winking at anti-Semitism.”

Farkas also reference Trump’s 2015 feud with Pope Francis, adding that to her apology list for the president.

The former Obama official’s assumptions may be misplaced, given Trump’s infamous propensity toward refusing to apologize for anything.

President Obama’s first foreign trip was notoriously defined as an “apology tour,” where he traveled to different nations to “make up” for the Bush administration.

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