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Four-Star General: Our Government is in ‘Unbelievable Turmoil’

Gen. Tony Thomas told the New York Times he’s concerned about U.S. government’s stability after a National Security Council shake-up…

White House Chaos

A top general in the U.S. military is so disturbed by the chaos surrounding the National Security Council that he told the New York Times he’s concerned about the government’s overall stability.

Gen. Tony Thomas, head of the military’s Special Operations Command, expressed concern about upheaval inside the White House. “Our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil. I hope they sort it out soon because we’re a nation at war,” he said at a military conference on Tuesday.

Asked about his comments later, General Thomas said in a brief interview, “As a commander, I’m concerned our government be as stable as possible.”

Thomas’ remarks come as President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned after just 24 days on the job. Flynn became vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians and lied to Trump administration officials about conversations he had with Russian officials regarding U.S. sanctions.

The remarks also echo what many Democrats (Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “disturbing”) and Republicans (Sen. John McCain: “troubling … dysfunction”) are saying, but given Thomas’ position and background, his comments carry a much greater weight that transcends politics.