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Four Trumps, One Debate: Which Donald Did We Get?

On Monday afternoon, NTK Network looked at four Donald Trumps that could have shown up at the Hofstra debate. We now determine which Trump(s) showed up.

Is Trump shifting on immigration?

Before the debate, NTK Network broke down four Donald Trumps that could have shown up to face Hillary Clinton – based on prior debate performances and his recent conduct on campaign trail.

The four Trumps in question? 1) Polished pol 2) Defiant Don 3) Conspiracy conservative 4) Timid Trump.

So, which Trump (or Trumps) showed up?

Our ruling: 65% Defiant Don, 35% Polished pol.

Time noted Trump’s “self-control faltered” as the night wore on, despite a strong and polished start. Bloomberg agreed, saying Trump “grew increasingly testy as the night went on,” for issues like the “birther” controversy, his tax returns, and fighting ISIS.

But Trump also showed some strength on the economy, staying on message in his attack on trade deals and painting Clinton as a political insider:

Dan Balz may have had the best take, though, noting that both Trump and Clinton “probably came out winners – strong in their own defense, effective in making their points, tactically skilled in skewering the other.”

Of course, Trump has been the most unpredictable major party nominee in recent memory, so another Trump (or several Trumps) may show up at debate #2 on Oct. 9.