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Fox News Highlights Media Bias In A CBS Report About Richard Cordray

“CBS Sunday Morning” didn’t disclose that four of the lawyers that it interviewed had ties to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz exposed a major flaw in a “CBS Sunday Morning” story that ran about the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Richard Cordray, last weekend.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on the “puff piece” that “CBS Sunday Morning” ran regarding Cordray, which trivialized Republican criticism of Cordray.

“A ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ segment on the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, created under President Obama, was extremely sympathetic,” Kurtz reported on the segment.

Kurtz took issue with four law professors, Christopher Peterson, Patricia McCoy, Kathleen Engel, and Adam Levitan that “CBS Sunday Morning,” interviewed regarding Cordray.

“What the program neglected to disclose is that all four professors worked for or with the Consumer [Financial] Protection Bureau during the Obama Administration, either on staff or on its consumer advisory board,” Kurtz reported. “These weren’t independent experts. They all had ties to the Board they were defending.”

“CBS declined to comment, but after my inquiry posted this Editor’s Note to an online write-up on the story. “Some members of the panel of college professors and consumer advocates featured in this report also have previous work experience with or have served on advisory boards for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,” Kurtz’s concluded. “A good step, but there was no indication it had been left out in the first place.”