Global Whining? After UK, Clinton Takes Sour Grapes Tour to South Korea

By NTK Staff | 10.18.2017 @10:45am
Global Whining? After UK, Clinton Takes Sour Grapes Tour to South Korea

Hillary Clinton is hopping around the world in promotion of her new book and is setting aside plenty of time to criticize President Trump's foreign policy.

Defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized President Trump’s strategy on North Korea on Tuesday, continuing her lengthy tour of grievances and complaints about the rival who defeated her last November.

According to the Washington Examiner, Clinton called Trump’s threats to North Korea “dangerous and short-sighted”:

Trump has threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if provoked.

Such an attitude from Washington is “dangerous and short-sighted,” Clinton said.

As Trump has made a habit of calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “little rocket man,” Clinton said, without mentioning Trump’s name, that picking fights with Kim “just puts a smile on his face.” Meanwhile, North Korea says Trump is “mentally deranged.”

Clinton pressed the importance of international negotiations and emphasized China’s importance in such talks.

So much for partisan politics stopping at the water’s edge.

One thing Trump does seem to understand is the importance of China in handling the North Korea situation.

That’s why Trump and his team at the UN worked hard to urge China to support new sanctions on North Korea in August. The plan worked, as the Security Council “unanimously adopted a resolution to impose the most punishing sanctions yet against North Korea.”

Trump noted “China and Russia voted with us”:

Of course, some of the North Korea crisis can be pinned on ex-President Bill Clinton, whose failed deal with North Korea helped them reach this point in their nuclear capabilities.

Interestingly, former Clinton administration officials have said they knew North Korea was cheating on the uranium enrichment front dating back to 1998 and planned to use that intelligence as leverage to keep the Agreed Framework in place and the plutonium under lock and key. Other Clinton administration officials will also concede that they never thought they would have to build the light-water reactors because they assumed, wrongly, that the regime would collapse before the reactors would be built.

Where will Hillary Clinton go next to criticize President Trump’s strategy?

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