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Google Execs Confirm Liberal Bias, Dismiss Need for Dissenting Views

“We start from the principles of science at Google and at Alphabet,” Eric Schmidt said, implying those who disagree with him do not.

At a forum of Alphabet/Google higher-ups on Wednesday, Justin Danhof, an audience member from the National Center for Public Policy Research, asked the panelists that given their professed principles of “diversity and inclusion,” if they consider all the opinions of their employees when they take public policy stances.

The audience member listed the company’s stands against President Trump’s immigration policies and pullout from the Paris Climate Accords as examples.

“We start from the principles of science at Google and at Alphabet,” Google executive Eric Schmidt began, a bit condescendingly.

One panelist attempted to explain public policy stances as business decisions that executives take to protect the company’s business interests.

Another panelist explained that the positions were not political but meant to protect employees affected by the president’s travel ban and “freedom of expression.”

Danhof told the panelists that he knew talented conservatives who would never consider working at Google, given the perceived hostility to their views.

“We operate the company under the principles that David and Kent and I have outlined, and we’re not going to change that,” Schmidt responded. “The company was founded under the principles of freedom of expression, diversity, inclusiveness, and science-based thinking.”

“You’ll find that all the other companies in our industry agree with us,” he concluded.