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GOP challenger to SC Gov Wants Bathroom Bill, Gov Says No Need

The Bathroom Wars wage on, this time in South Carolina, where the governor is saying no.

Henry McMaster South Carolina

Catherine Templeton, the South Carolina Republican challenging Gov. Henry McMaster (R-SC), made national news Tuesday night when she said she was “proud of the Confederacy” during a gubernatorial debate. The remark drew backlash and criticism from several groups across the state.

Drawing fewer headlines, but just as notable, was Templeton’s vocal support for a North Carolina-style transgender bathroom bill. That bill became law in North Carolina and was later repealed by the state legislator after Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) was defeated by now-Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC).

When asked if South Carolina needed a similar law, McMaster responded that the state did not.

“I don’t think we need such a bill,” McMaster said. “This is a great state, great people. As you know, we get along very well, and I think we’re doing just fine.”