GOP Trolls of the AM…Pruitt Dines at Le Diplomate, RNC Touts Data Operation

By NTK Staff | 06.02.2017 @10:51am
GOP Trolls of the AM…Pruitt Dines at Le Diplomate, RNC Touts Data Operation

Republicans in the administration and at the Republican National Committee spiked the football Friday morning…

Republicans, riding high after the events of this week, trolled opponents in two distinct ways Thursday and Friday.

Following President Trump’s announcement that the United States will exit the Paris climate accord, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was spotted dining at a high-end DC restaurant Thursday evening, per Politico’s Playbook:

WHAT A TOWN! EPA ADMINISTRATOR SCOTT PRUITT celebrated exiting the Paris agreement by dining last night at … Le Diplomate, the French bistro on 14th Street with some aides! We can’t imagine many 14th Street dwellers were happy with Pruitt’s push to force Trump out of the climate agreement.

And following Hillary Clinton’s criticism of the Democratic National Committee’s data operation (a notion the Democratic data gurus vigorously pushed back on), the Republican National Committee’s Katie Walsh told The Hill about the RNC’s robust operation in a piece notably focused on the upcoming midterms (rather than the previous election):

But the Republican National Committee is confident that its revamped voter data, which it sees as a major factor in Trump’s ability to expand the presidential map in 2016, will pay dividends once again in the midterms.

After a string of internal projection successes over the past two cycles, “we are pretty confident that we know what the electorate is going to do,” RNC senior advisor Katie Walsh told The Hill in an interview.

“We have the foot to the gas on this and we will keep moving forward to make sure that in ’18, we run a better program than we did in ’16. And in ’20, we run a better program than in ’18,” Walsh said.

To be sure, Republicans are riding high after a string of wins, and promises kept to the American people.

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