Gov. Abbott: Harvey to Cost Much More than Katrina

By NTK Staff | 09.03.2017 @11:10am

The Texas governor is asking for more than $100 billion in relief funding.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday that he expected the total bill for recovery from Hurricane Harvey to go well above the $120 billion that Katrina recovery required.

“In the overall equation, the cost of this, to rebuild Katrina was over $120 billion, and when you consider the magnitude of the size of this storm, it’s far larger than Katrina,” Abbott said.

The governor said that the high level of devastation to buildings in the area would “take years” to undo.

Abbott predicted that the cost could climb as high as $180 billion.

Congress returns to session this week and is expected to take up a relief package as soon as they reconvene.

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