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Gov. Mike Huckabee Wants His New Show to Bring Down the Political Temperature in America

“We want to inform. We want to inspire. We want to entertain,” Huckabee said of the new show’s objectives.

Former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee sat down with the NTK Network to talk about the relaunch of his show, “Huckabee,” which will be premiering on October 7th and broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Huckabee told NTK that the rebooted “Huckabee” would have a greater focus on variety and wouldn’t focus too much on the political back and forth that Americans have come to expect from most cable news shows.

“We want to inform. We want to inspire. We want to entertain,” Huckabee said of the new show’s objectives.

“Rather than have what I call political ping pong, where you get a Democrat and Republican essentially just spitting out the very predictable talking points that we know they’re going to say, I want to bring people on that talk about solutions, that explain things as to not just the ‘what’ they stand for but the ‘why.’”

That’s just what Huckabee hopes to accomplish when he interviews President Trump, who will be the first guest on “Huckabee.”

“I want it to be not just a very typical political interview,” Huckabee told NTK. “I want to get more into the why of what [Trump] does … rather than just the what.”

Huckabee explained that Americans are always debating at the ‘what level ‘ in today’s society, and he wants to get to the ‘why level’ with the people he interviews.

“Because I know [Trump] and have a good relationship with him on a personal level, I think it’s going to be an interview where he’s going to be more relaxed. I think he’s going to be very open as we talk together. So I think it’s going to be a very compelling interview,” Huckabee told NTK.

The biggest difference between the TBN version “Huckabee,” and the Fox News version is that it will be filmed in front of a live studio audience in Nashville, Tennessee. Huckabee sounded excited about the new location for the show, telling NTK that his audience is from the heartland, not from Hollywood or Manhattan.

“TBN approached me, and frankly I could not be more excited about being on TBN for a host of reasons, not the least of which is…to get the show out of New York [and] move it to the heartland,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee added that his audience is not going to hear people talking over each other while yelling and screaming at one another on his show.

“We want to bring the temperature down a little bit,” Huckabee explained. “We want it to be a show that’s fun to watch, that’s very wholesome. We’re not going to have to chase the kids out of the room because of content.”

Huckabee previewed a new segment called “Huck’s Heroes,” which will focus on ordinary Americans who do extraordinary things.

But the one aspect of his new show that Huckabee sounded most excited about was the musical guests.

“Out musical guest in the first show is going to be a lot of fun for me. It’s going to be Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, and that’s going to be awesome,” Huckabee told NTK.

Huckabee told NTK that when he was a teenager, he wanted to go to a Three Dog Night concert in Shreveport, LA but couldn’t afford the $7 ticket.

“Now I’m going to get to have him on my show, and I’m going to get to play a song with him,” an enthusiastic Huckabee told us about the upcoming performance.

“Huckabee” premieres on TBN Saturday, October 7 at 8pm ET.