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Graham to Democrats: You Can’t Lose the Election & Expect the Government to Represent Your Views

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Senate Democrats that they, “can’t lose the election [and] expect the government to represent your view of what we should be doing.” The remarks came during the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on resident Trump’s attorney general nominee Senator Jeff Sessions.

“You can’t have it both ways,” Graham said.

“I voted for almost everybody that President Obama appointed, disagreeing with them on almost everything. I never doubted any of these people were bad people because they disagreed with me,” Graham added.

Graham went on to say of Sessions qualifications, “The one thing I can tell the United States of America, in my view, that Jeff Sessions is a Republican conservative who is a good, decent man who will follow the law as he sees it, who will try to take the country down a different road than President Obama and his attorney general[s] and that’s what the whole election was about.”

“The question is, is he qualified, is he a decent, honorable man? And he’s every bit as qualified and every bit as decent and honorable as Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch?” Graham asked in conclusion.