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Grassley Accuses Franken Of Asking Jeff Sessions Gotcha Questions

During the testimony of President Trump’s Deputy Attorney General nominee, Rod Rosenstein, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) had a heated exchange over Franken’s questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which took place last month. Grassley accused Franken of asking Sessions “gotcha questions.”

Franken was asking Rosenstein about Sessions’ claims during his testimony that he had never met with Russian officials while serving as a Trump campaign surrogate. It was revealed after Sessions was confirmed that he had met with the Russian ambassador in his role as a senator.

Franken demanded that Sessions return to the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions about this incident and, in his remarks, came very close to accusing the attorney general of lying.

Grassley then stepped in and fact-checked Franken’s claims.

“As I remember Senator Franken asking his question of Senator Sessions, he referred to … something [that had just] come on CNN that obviously, and Franken said that Senator Sessions wouldn’t know what it was and he was going to take that into consideration, that it would have been all right for you to ask your question, and you probably should have given him a chance to get the information you had and reflect on it and give an answer in writing,” Grassley told Franken.

Grassley went on to accuse Franken of asking gotcha questions: “If I was going to ask you a gotcha question, I was going to tell you about it ahead of time, and I consider what Senator Franken asked Sessions at that late moment that that story just [had] come out is a gotcha question.”

“It was not a gotcha question sir,” Frank interjected.

“It was from the standpoint that he didn’t know what you were asking about,” Grassley retorted before banging his gavel.