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Halperin: Senate Republicans Will Not Need to Change the Rules to Get Gorsuch Confirmed

MSNBC’s Mark Halperin said that because of how well Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch performed during his second day of testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that Senate Republicans would not need to change the rules to get Gorsuch confirmed.

“The staff that is handling him and helped prepare him did a very good job, just as the pick was a very good pick politically, and substantively the staff’s done a very good on job. Gorsuch is doing well in part because he is well-prepared,” Gorsuch told MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel.

Gorsuch’s team was wise to have Judge Gorsuch distance himself from President Trump and his administration when he could during the hearing, Halperin noted.

“Finally, I think what hangs in the balance here, because he will be confirmed, is will Senator McConnell have to change rules? I think right now, because of Gorsuch’s performance…they’re on the precipice to get enough Democrats to vote for cloture – maybe not vote for him for confirmation, but I don’t think they have to change the rules right now, and that is a big victory for the Senate and big victory for Senator McConnell,” Halperin concluded.