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Here Are 7 Media Sources More Trusted Than BuzzFeed

A new MarketWatch survey shows that only OccupyDemocrats is less trustworthy than BuzzFeed.

A MarketWatch survey showed that the popular internet aggregator BuzzFeed, which has attempted to manufacture its own news wing, is less trusted than most news outlets. The aggregator enjoys more trust than only left-wing clickbait site Occupy Democrats.

Here are some of the outlets more trusted than BuzzFeed:

  1. Breitbart: The far-right site has trafficked in pro-Trump news throughout the 2016 election while savaging Democrats and establishment Republicans. Despite its partisan leanings, the site is more trusted than BuzzFeed.
  2. Social Media: Your aunt’s Facebook post on ISIS activity in the Middle East is more trusted than BuzzFeed.
  3. Infowars: Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ main platform, the website hammers away at the “globalists” and doubts what happened at events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook. Still, it is more trusted than BuzzFeed.
  4. “The Internet:” “Now listen, children, never trust what you read on the internet. But never, NEVER trust what you read on BuzzFeed.”
  5. The Huffington Post: The site that published “Husband’s Love Note to His ‘Curvy’ Wife Should Be Required Reading” last week is more trusted than BuzzFeed.
  6. Rush Limbaugh: The bombastic radio show host is known for his anti-liberal tirades, but as a news source, he is still more trusted than BuzzFeed.
  7. CNN: Dubbed “very fake news” by the president of the United States himself, CNN is more trusted than BuzzFeed.

Maybe BuzzFeed would enjoy higher ratings in the ‘trustworthy’ category if they hadn’t published an unverified, discredited dossier making salacious allegations against President Trump.