Hillary Clinton: Comey Should Have Been Disciplined

By NTK Staff | 05.27.2017 @11:22am
Hillary Clinton: Comey Should Have Been Disciplined

In an interview with New York Magazine, Clinton indicated she agreed, at least in part, with Trump’s decision to discipline James Comey

In a lengthy interview with New York Magazine, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton opened up about why she believes former FBI Director James Comey cost her the election.

It’s been a common refrain from Clinton and her aides in the months after her stunning defeat, but Friday’s interview revealed she actually agreed with President Trump’s decision to, in some form or fashion, “discipline” Comey:

“I am less surprised than I am worried,” she says of the Comey firing. “Not that he shouldn’t have been disciplined. And certainly the Trump campaign relished everything that was done to me in July and then particularly in October.” But “having said that, I think what’s going on now is an effort to derail and bury the Russia inquiry, and I think that’s terrible for our country.”

Clinton’s siding with Trump over disciplining Comey is the first time she has made such remarks and a departure from the standard talking points deployed by Democrats in the wake of his firing earlier this month. The reason for Clinton’s departure from Democratic talking points is likely more personal than anything else, given her remarks in early May that she still blames him for losing her the presidency.

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