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Hillary Clinton is Launching a Political Action Committee. Yes, Really.

Unable to stay away, Clinton will jump back in the political fray by supporting other outside groups…

Clinton Loss Autopsy

Twice-defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is jumping back into politics by forming her own political action committee (PAC), according to a report from Axios.

Few particulars were noted in the reporting, such as whether the PAC will be “super” in nature, allowing it to accept unlimited donations, but the goal is to help 2018 Democrats running in congressional races. The source who spoke to Axios claimed the PAC is not designed to be “a vehicle to run for anything herself.”

She’s not going to look for ways to comment on Trump’s daily doings, but also won’t shy away from it. An unwritten rule around her office has been to allow for a peaceful transition of power (evidenced by her attending inauguration), but to not stand by when POTUS is doing things she sees as counter to her core values.

To be clear, Clinton has repeatedly criticized President Trump in the more than 100 days of his presidency, including when she spoke this week to Christiane Amanpour and called herself part of the so-called anti-Trump “resistance.”

Despite Axios’ reporting that Clinton is somehow restraining herself, the failed presidential candidate is taking an unprecedentedly-active role in criticizing the man who defeated her in 2016. Her decision to form a PAC is the latest sign that she plans to only increase her political activity.