Hillary Clinton Says Trump’s Inauguration Speech Was a Cry to White Nationalists

By NTK Staff | 09.10.2017 @10:38am

"What an opportunity to say 'okay I'm proud of my supporters but I'm the president of all Americans,'" Clinton said of Trump's speech.

Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump’s inauguration speech sounded like it “was a cry from the white nationalist gut,” during an interview on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” with Jane Pauley.

Clinton explained how it was a difficult decision for her to attend Trump’s inauguration, but that she eventually decided to go because she felt it was important to show the continuity of our government.

“So there I was on the platform,” Clinton said laughing. “You know, feeling like an out of body experience, and then his speech which was a cry from the white nationalist gut.”

CBS then played a clip of Trump saying “this American carnage stops right here” during his inauguration.

“What an opportunity to say ‘okay I’m proud of my supporters but I’m the president of all Americans.’ That’s not what we heard at all,” Clinton concluded.

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