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Hillary Clinton Shares Her Plane With The Press, Kind Of

Today marks a new chapter in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Clinton’s traveling press has been granted access to travel on the same plane as Clinton, who has received criticism for not holding a press conference in more than 270 days.

Many are hopeful that traveling with the press will make Clinton more accessible and thus more transparent. However, that does not seem to be the case if you follow New York Times’ Amy Chozick on Snapchat.

However, The New York Times’ Amy Chozick, cataloguing her experience on the plane via Snapchat, shows how distant Clinton’s campaign keeps the press corps from the candidate. Clinton’s staff and the Secret Service cabins separate Clinton’s cabin from the press, who enters through the back of the plane while Clinton enters in the front.

As Clinton was greeting the plane’s crew before taking off, she was separated from the press by a wall of what appears to be campaign staffers and Secret Service members, though a few camera operators can be seen filming.

Chozick’s Snapchat story shows Clinton’s traveling press secretary, Nick Merrill, talking with members of the media before they enter the plane. Once on the plane, the press is given assigned seating in their cabin.

Chozick’s last Snap shows a curtain up, hiding Clinton from the rest of the plane. If the press thought that traveling with Clinton would make her more accessible, it would seem they are sorely mistaken.

Will update with additions from Chozick’s Snapchat.