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Hollywood Hypocrites Not Humbled, Instruct Electors to Vote Against Trump

Left-wing celebrities appealed to Republican electors to not vote for Donald Trump in a video released by Unite For America, an anti-Trump organization. Led predominantly by actors like Martin Sheen and Debra Messing, the video called upon electors to be “brave” and an “American hero” by not voting for Trump.

Quoting a passage from The Federalist Papers, Martin Sheen kicked off the video which made the argument that Trump does not meet the founder’s standards for qualifications. The actors repeatedly stated, “I’m not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Interestingly, actor James Cromwell claimed in the video that Trump lacks “clearly the respect for the constitution of our great nation.” His tone is somewhat different from back in July when a camera caught Cromwell bashing the United States.

“I was in the south during the civil rights movement…and we lost because this is a racist country and the laws are Jim Crow,” Cromwell said at a NextGen rally in Philadelphia. “I worked for the Black Panthers and we lost because COINTELPRO jailed them and killed them,” he added, accusing a US government program of murdering its own citizens.