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How Jon Ossoff Figures in President Trump’s Scuffle With Qatar

President Trump took credit for the recent diplomatic row over Qatar in the Middle East. How is Democratic special election candidate Jon Ossoff involved? The answer may surprise you.

President Trump recently took credit for a diplomatic row between Qatar and other Middle Eastern nations, but it may surprise some that the conflict actually touches Georgia Sixth Congressional District candidate Jon Ossoff.

Five Arab states “[broke] off diplomatic relations with Qatar” this week, accusing Qatar “of supporting terrorism” and extremism. President Trump took credit for the decision of the Arab states on Twitter:

How does this relate to Ossoff, though?

Well, at the center of the Qatar controversy is the Qatar-funded news network Al Jazeera. CNN reported that Qatar may “sacrifice” Al Jazeera in order to restore diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia and others.

Al Jazeera has drawn the ire of Arab countries in recent years but was also controversial in the U.S. after the network “aired videos of Osama bin Laden justifying the 9-11 attacks” in the early 2000s.

Ossoff has worked with Al Jazeera, with his media company producing films for Al Jazeera English. Ossoff suggested he’s “proud” of the work, and the Washington Free Beacon reported that Ossoff has made $5,000 from Al Jazeera since January 2016.

How will Ossoff deal with issues around Al Jazeera if elected to Congress? It’s unclear, but his financial stake raises questions about where he stands on this latest diplomatic row between the United States, its Arab allies, and Qatar.