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Howard Dean Agrees with Trump, GOP on Corporate Tax Rate

Former Vermont governor and DNC chair Howard Dean appeared on CNBC Tuesday morning to advocate for a reduction in the corporate tax rate, a departure from Democratic Party dogma.

“I actually am one of the Democrats who’s in favor of lowering the corporate tax dramatically for competitive purposes,” Dean told Squawk Box. When prompted by the show’s hosts for specifics, Dean did not offer any.

Squawk Box host Joe Kernen expressed surprise at Dean’s position. “I’m in shock governor,” Kernen said. “You want to lower corporate taxes, you’re worried that the corporations will get hurt if we tax them too much. What happened to you?” Kernen asked Dean.

Dean responded that he has been in favor of lowering corporate taxes “for a very long time.”

Dean also commented on the DNC chair battle, saying “there’s sort of a proxy fight between Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama.” This fight, Dean said, is “not good for the party.”