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Howard Dean Stands By Cocaine Accusation

Former Governor and Hillary Clinton supporter Howard Dean appeared on MSNBC to discuss the first presidential debate Tuesday, and faced questions from MSNBC’s Kate Snow about a tweet Dean sent out last night that suggested Donald Trump was a cocaine user.

“Well, you can’t make a diagnosis over the television, I would never do that, but he has some interesting, that is actually a signature of people who use cocaine.”

“I’m not suggesting that Trump does, but –” Dean began, but Snow cut him off.
“Well, you are suggesting it, actually, in a tweet,” Snow shot back.

“Do I think at 70 years old he has a cocaine habit? Probably not. But, you know, it’s something that, I think it would be interesting to ask him and see if he ever had a problem with that,” Dean said after outlining symptoms that a cocaine user and Trump have in common.

“You know this guy has already proven himself to be unstable. The question is, why is he unstable?” Dean rhetorically asked.

Dean said he would not delete the tweet after Snow asked if he would delete or apologize for it.