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Hypocrisy Alert: Clinton Attacks ‘Dark Money’ While Also Promoting Her Own Dark Money Group

Clinton says she wants dark money out of politics but tells readers to support her own dark money group.

Chelsea Clinton lifetime achievement

In “What Happened,” Hillary Clinton seemed to want to have it both ways when it comes to dark money, telling readers that America needs campaign finance reform to get dark money out of politics while simultaneously telling readers to support her own dark money group, OnwardTogether.

“Bernie and I agreed on the issue of campaign finance reform; the need to get dark money out of politics; and the urgency of preventing billionaires, powerful corporations, and special interests from buying elections,” Clinton wrote on page 228 of her new book. “We both supported a constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous Supreme Court decision in Citizens United that opened the floodgates to super PACS and secret money.”

But for readers who manage to make it to page 451, Clinton explains to readers why she started OnwardTogether, and asks them to join its efforts:

“I hope you’ll join us in this effort. Check it out at OnwardTogether.org. Become a member and help us support these fantastic groups and the future of Democratic grassroots organizing.”

Clinton failed to disclose to readers that OnwardTogether is a 501(c)(4), meaning it is a so-called dark money group just like the others that Clinton denounced earlier in the book.