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Ian Bremmer Lauds Trump Toughness on North Korea

The founder of the Eurasia Group said Trump forced Kim to back down.

Ian Bremmer, an editor at Time and the founder of the Eurasia Group, praised President Trump’s policy toward North Korea in an appearance on CNN on Monday.

“After the Americans made it pretty rough and credible that ‘you come towards Guam, we’re really going to hit you back,’ Kim Jong-Un backed off pretty quickly,” Bremmer said.

The well-known risk management consultant called the Trump administration’s policy toward Pyongyang “coherent.”

Bremmer said Trump’s “credible” threats had forced both the North Koreans and the Chinese to come to the negotiating table.

“On the Security Council, we’ve now seen 15-0 votes, which means not just our allies, but the Russians and the Chinese upping the ante and doing things that we’ve not seen under Obama, under Clinton, under Bush – in terms of squeezing the North Koreans,” he added.

Bremmer also praised UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for her ability to orchestrate action against North Korea at the UN.