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Illinois Dem. Doubles Down On Letting 100,000 Syrian Refuges Into The United Stated

Illinois Democratic candidate for Senate Tammy Duckworth has doubled down on her plan to let in 100,000 Syrian refugees into the United States.

On Sunday, during the Sinai Candidate Forum, Duckworth was asked about increasing the number of Syrian refugees. “I think that we should admit, with the goal of 200,000 total refugees, 100 [thousand] from Syria, with the ability–tied to the ability for us to fully vet refugees that are coming,” Duckworth told the panel.

Sen. Mark Kirk has attacked Duckworth in the past for her proposal to let in 100,000 Syrian refugees. In December 2015, Kirk’s campaign released an ad titled, “Big Differences,” attacks Duckworth for her willingness to accept Syrian refugees into the United States even after the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

In March, Kirk released a similar ad titled, “What Planet?” which hits Duckworth for remarks she made during a press conference regarding her refugee position.

“I signed on for 200,000 refugees,” Duckworth said in November of 2015, a claim her campaign tried to walk back as out of context, but Washington Post fact-checkers gave the ad only one Pinocchio, which is the lowest ratting.