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In 1992, The Clintons Seized On A Law Enforcement Revelation 4 Days Before Election

The Republican National Committee is circulating video from 24 years ago of then-Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton and his running mate Al Gore attacking then-President George H.W. Bush after independent counsel Lawrence Walsh announced his indictment of former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger over the Iran-Contra scandal just four days before the election.

The video is from a 1992 CBS Evening News segment featuring Bill Clinton holding a press conference to address these revelations, “Today’s disclosure that President Bush knew and approved of the arms for hostages deal with Iran not only directly contradicts the President claims, it diminishes the credibility of the Presidency.

“It raises the question first and most importantly about whether he’s told the truth in this campaign and for the last five years,” Clinton went on to say at the press conference. “But the far more important thing is whether for five years he’s been telling the American people something about his conduct of foreign policy as Vice President, which was simply not true.”

Many believe that the announcement was timed to hurt President Bush right before the election. Now, 24 years later, the Clintons are irate that the FBI would reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices 11 days before the election.