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In Memo to Obama, Kerry Spends More Time on Climate Than ISIS, Iran, North Korea

Secretary of State John Kerry’s exit memo to President Obama spends about 1,000 words on climate change, but only 628 on ISIS and 168 on North Korea.

John Kerry

In July, Secretary of State John Kerry courted controversy when he said the fight against climate change “is of equal importance” to the fight against terrorism. His remarks came at a conference that would regulate “aerosols and refrigerants.”

It appears 2017 hasn’t changed anything for Kerry. On Thursday, the State Department released his exit memo to President Obama.

In the first full section of the memo – “Keeping the American People Safe” – Kerry discusses six threats: the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, ISIS, Iran, North Korea, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and climate change.

Kerry, perhaps unsurprisingly, spends the most words (993, to be precise) on climate change. He only spends 657 words on Iran, 628 words on ISIS, and 472 words on WMDs. He uses 437 words to describe the drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a mere 168 words to describe the North Korea threat.

Kerry also uses the word “climate” (as it relates to climate change) as often as he uses some version of the word “terrorism.”