In Win for Conservatives, UK Parliament Passes Major Brexit Bill

By NTK Staff | 09.12.2017 @2:30pm
In Win for Conservatives, UK Parliament Passes Major Brexit Bill

It's another step on the United Kingdom's path to a full and smooth exit from the European Union.

In a win for Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party, a major Brexit bill passed the UK parliament on Tuesday.

The bill, according to Reuters, “‘cop[ies] and paste[s]’ EU law into British legislation,” what May’s government considers a necessary step in the Brexit process to ensure a “smooth departure.”

Many fell in step with the government which said a vote against the legislation would force Britain into a chaotic exit from the EU, rather than a smooth departure, as the country would lack laws and a regulatory framework to steer the process.

…The bill seeks largely to ‘copy and paste’ EU law into British legislation to ensure Britain has functioning laws and the same regulatory framework as the bloc at the moment of Brexit, to offer some reassurance for companies.

The vote was 326 to 290, with several Labour ministers joining Conservatives to support the bill.

Next in the process? Amendments, according to the BBC:

There is a long road ahead before the repeal bill becomes law. A lot of MPs, including many who backed the bill at second reading, want to amend it at the next stage of parliamentary scrutiny.

A long list of amendments has been published on the House of Commons website. Not all will get through. But some – especially those backed by Conservatives – could mean big changes. Here are some of the key points of contention.

The German parliamentary elections on September 24 and the Conservative Party conference, starting October 1, are two major upcoming events that could have an impact on Brexit.

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