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Investor Carl Icahn Supports Steve Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary

American investor Carl Icahn told Bloomberg’s Betty Liu he supported President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary on Wednesday.

“Well, I certainly supported Mnuchin. Mnuchin is a very smart guy and, you know, I can support somebody. I can’t tell Donald what choice to make. I think Steve is going to do a very good job, and I think it is a good choice,” Icahn said to Liu.

Liu pressed Icahn on the optics of the Mnuchin’s nomination as Trump has run as a populist candidate, but both Mnuchin and Trump are billionaires.

“I think we spend too much time concentrated on political correctness, optics, and what have you. Let’s spend time on getting jobs back to middle-class America,” Icahn responded. “If the optics are so bad, how come the market has run up 15 percent? You know it doesn’t seem that bad to stock buyers or to middle America.”