Is Apple Bowing to Political Pressure in China over HIV/AIDS?

By NTK Staff | 03.24.2017 @1:08pm
Is Apple Bowing to Political Pressure in China over HIV/AIDS?

The company is selling a RED iPhone in 40 countries, but things are a little different in China…

Apple announced a new, red version of the iPhone 7 this week. Tech Crunch explains why:

The (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition iPhone 7 is the first time that Apple has supported the charity through its flagship phone, — previous (PRODUCT)RED editions have included Beats headphones and Apple accessories — so it is sure to heighten international awareness and generate additional funds since each purchase includes a contribution to the charity.

And while the new red iPhone 7 will go on sale in 40 countries, it won’t in China where the issues of HIV/AIDS remain “taboo topics” in the tightly-controlled country.

The first case of HIV in China was recorded in 1989. By 2000 the disease was found in most of China, and as it continued to spread, the government kept denying the problem.

Today discrimination against Aids patients is common.

Catering to China’s wishes will likely not endear Apple with the White House, who already views the tech giant skeptically after CEO Tim Cook raised money in 2016 for Donald Trump’s political rival, Hillary Clinton. On the campaign trail, Trump regularly attacked China, and as president-elect, he specifically went after the country for currency manipulation.

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