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Is Record-Low Unemployment the Sign of a New Conservative Era in Wisconsin?

Last week brought welcome news for Wisconsites, including Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI): the state’s unemployment rate is lower than it’s been in 17 years.

Scott Walker

Are we witnessing a new conservative era in the true-blue state of Wisconsin?

Consider this: Republican governor, Scott Walker, has won 3 statewide gubernatorial elections in the last six years; Donald Trump moved the state to the Republican column for the first time since the Reagan era; and just last week the state’s Department of Workforce Development reported the lowest rate of unemployment in Wisconsin since April 2000.

More from The Associated Press:

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 17 years.

The state Department of Workforce Development reported Thursday, April 20th that the unemployment rate in March was 3.4 percent. That is down from 3.7 percent in February and the lowest since April 2000.

When Walker took office in January 2011, the unemployment rate was 8.0 percent. If that economic success continues, few Wisconsinites will be eager to switch back to the Democrat-led era of high unemployment. And that could keep Wisconsin red for elections to come.