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Is Tom Perez Capable Of Answering A Question?

Asked whether he believed the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez appeared incapable of giving a straight answer during the last Democratic National Committee debate Wednesday night.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Perez this specific question because he had previously said he believed it was rigged before reversing course.

“Well, you know, here are the facts. Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary. Hillary Clinton also won the popular vote,” Perez told Cuomo. “At the same time, because of the absence of transparency in the Democratic primary, there was a crisis of trust that ensued.”

Perez then attempted to filibuster the question by not giving a clear answer on whether he thought the primary was rigged.

Cuomo seemed unsatisfied with Perez’s approach and asked him point blank whether the primary was rigged.

“Again, the process, because of the absence of transparency, it created that crisis of relevance, and it created the distrust that people didn’t trust the outcome,” Perez told Cuomo again dodging the question.

Cuomo then asked candidate Sam Ronan whether the primary was rigged.

Unlike Perez, Ronan was able to the answer the question, telling Cuomo that he believed the primary was indeed been rigged to favor Clinton’s campaign.

Following Ronan’s answer, Cuomo asked Perez whether Ronan was correct. For the third time, Perez dodged the question.