Is War Breaking Out in the Middle East? Which Side Will the U.S. Take?

By NTK Staff | 11.08.2017 @2:30pm
Is War Breaking Out in the Middle East? Which Side Will the U.S. Take?

Tensions are rising between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran, over conflicts in Lebanon, Yemen, and beyond. Whose side will the U.S. take?

Saudi Arabia, a country dominated by Sunni Muslims, and Iran, a country dominated by Shiite Muslims, are skirting dangerously close to armed conflict.

A key conflict between the two is in a third country, Lebanon, where the Saudi-backed prime minister just quit his job because, according to Saudi Arabia, the Iran-backed group Hezbollah is actually in control there.

Saudi Arabia went as far as to suggest Lebanon is declaring war on Saudi Arabia.

Hariri’s resignation has thrust Lebanon back onto the frontline of the rivalry between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi‘ite Iran that has also wrought upheaval in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain.

…In a dramatic escalation of the crisis, Saudi Arabia accused Lebanon on Monday of declaring war because of aggression by Hezbollah.

The two countries are also fighting a proxy war in Yemen, with Iran supporting Houthi militias and Saudi Arabia supporting the government of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.


The White House took sides in the conflict on Wednesday, with a statement supporting Saudi Arabia’s claims that Iran supplied the ballistic missiles Houthis fired over the Saudi capital of Riyadh this week.

These missile systems were not present in Yemen before the conflict, and we call upon the United Nations to conduct a thorough examination of evidence that the Iranian regime is perpetuating the war in Yemen to advance its regional ambitions. The United States calls on all nations to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its repeated violations of UN Security Council Resolutions 2216 and 2231, which ban arms transfers to the Houthis and prohibit Iran from exporting all arms and related materiel and specifically ballistic missile-related items.

Iran has called the Saudi and U.S. allegations “baseless.”

In another sign of support for the Saudis, President Trump tweeted on Monday in support of Saudi King Salman’s crackdown on other public officials.

It’s unclear if war will break out in Lebanon, or in general between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but if war does break out, it seems clear with whom the U.S. will side.

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