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Israel Spokesman Says It’s Unequivocal That Obama Was Behind U.N. Resolution

On Tuesday, David Keyes, who is the Prime Minister of Israel’s spokesperson, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss claims that the United States orchestrated a controversial U.N. resolution.

The United Nations Security Council voted to condemn Israeli settlements a few days ago. The United States abstained from the vote. The United States could have used its veto to prevent the resolution from passing, but refused to.

Top members of the Israeli government have claimed that the Obama administration was behind the resolution, something that NBC’s Willie Geist asked Keyes about.

“Well, some of that information is sensitive, and so I can’t share it on live TV, but I have seen the information myself with my own eyes, and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that that is exactly what happened. And it’s a travesty, and Israel is deeply, deeply disappointed,” Keyes told Geist.

Keyes went on to say about the resolution: “We’re disappointed because this resolution actually calls, if you can believe it, the Western Wall ‘occupied Palestinian territory.’ A place where Jews have yearned to return to, have lived adjacent to, have vaunted as one of our holiest sites for literally thousands of years. According to the United Nations, according to this resolution, that is ‘occupied Palestinian territory.'”

“It should give us all pause that a terrorist group like Hamas is celebrating this decision. It’s ahistorical, and I think perhaps most damaging, it actually pushes peace much further away,” Keyes concluded.

Geist pressed Keyes, asking if the White House was then lying publicly when it says it did not direct the U.N. resolution.

“I can’t speak for the White House. I can only speak to what I have seen and what I know and what the prime minister knows, and this information is ironclad,” Keyes said not backing down.

Keyes went on to say: “It is unequivocal that the United States, that the Obama administration, more appropriately, was behind this United Nations resolution, pushed for it, lobbied for it. And it’s a real tragedy.”

Geist asked Keyes if Israel would recognize the U.N. resolution.

“Well no, we’re not going to abide this resolution – by this resolution – for the simple reason that it’s so outrageous, that it’s so immoral, that it’s so antithetical to peace,” Keyes responded.