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Jake Tapper Reveals that CNN Had Classified Intel from Trump Meeting in March

Tapper said that the White House begged CNN not to reveal the information in a March report on the terrorist threat to aviation.

CNN host Jake Tapper revealed on Tuesday that CNN had obtained in March the classified information that President Trump allegedly disclosed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“In March, CNN’s Evan Perez had learned from numerous officials that intelligence deemed credible said that ISIS was developing laptop computer bombs to be used on international flights,” Tapper said.

“Perez talked to Trump administration officials, who cautioned Perez and subsequently CNN executives, to not report certain details about the threat, including the city from which some of the intelligence was collected,” he said.

Tapper continued, saying that administration officials told CNN that reporting the city’s name could “get people killed.” He then scolded the administration for not following their own advice. According to media reports, Trump revealed the name of the city where the intelligence came from to Lavrov.

Leaks have so far plagued the Trump administration, but such a high-level leak would be particularly worrying for the White House.