Jamie Dimon’s Op-Ed Reads Like Someone Who is Running for President in 2020

By NTK Staff | 09.14.2017 @4:21pm
Jamie Dimon’s Op-Ed Reads Like Someone Who is Running for President in 2020

The J.P. Morgan CEO has been getting a lot of 2020 buzz in recent days, and this op-ed should only add to it.

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon wrote an op-ed that was published in Business Insider on Tuesday. It reads a lot like an op-ed written by someone who is thinking about running for president.

In the op-ed, which is titled, “There is hope for solving our biggest challenges,” Dimon discusses why JP Morgan is investing $40 million in Chicago’s poorest areas.

Dimon blames hyper-partisanship for the struggles in communities in Chicago:

“Unfortunately, we have no one but ourselves — leaders in government and business — to blame for allowing this disease to spread for so long. Ineffective public policy, years of hyperpartisanship and short-term business thinking focused only on parochial interests are just a few of reasons these issues have not been tackled more aggressively.”

“I do not pretend that our investments alone will solve all problems. Instead, we will draw upon the most important lesson we have learned from our investments in Detroit and other cities: collaboration,” Dimon continued. “As we’ve seen in Washington, a lack of cooperation and increased partisanship hamper the ability to develop rational, intelligent solutions that can help more Americans prosper.”

Dimon concluded the op-ed by writing: “We will prevail by applying what we know works, and I believe that will lead us forward to a more prosperous and hopeful future for all Americans.”

Now the possibility of Dimon running for president may seem absurd at first glance. Why would the CEO of a major company leave that behind to be president of the United States?

But a string of recent articles about Dimon’s increased presence in Washington, D.C. and puff pieces about J.P. Morgan’s work in communities like Chicago and Detroit have people wondering: is Jamie Dimon running for president?

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