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Jane Harman and Brit Hume Worry About WH Leaks

The two told Chris Wallace that leaks from the Trump administration are a huge problem for the country.

Jane Harman, a former Democratic member of the House of Representatives, told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sundays that she is “very troubled” by the leaks coming out of the Trump administration.

“Leakers should be prosecuted,” Harman said. “The Justice Department should go after leakers.”

Harman said that the current leaking facing the Trump White House is worse than usual, given the selective nature of the leaks.

“This climate of partial leaking is even worse because then there are selected quotes and you can make anything seem true,” she said.

Fox News’ own Brit Hume said that he has never seen anything like the current situation.

Hume quoted Jason Riley as saying the current leaks were “Niagara Falls.”

“Even if you assume, Chris, that all these excerpts that we’re seeing from memos and conversations and all the rest of it are accurate, they’re only part of the story,” he warned.