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Jane Harman: Donald Trump Was Right To Talk To The Leader of Taiwan

Former California Congresswoman and current CEO of the Wilson Center Jane Harman praised much of President-Elect Trump’s approach to China on CNN’s New Day Tuesday morning.

“I think he was right to talk to the leader of Taiwan. He can talk to any leader he wants to,” Harman said of Trump’s recent call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen. She continued, “I think he’s right to raise the theft of intellectual property and the issue about China’s currency. And I think he’s right to talk about China’s provocations in the South China Sea.”

However, Harman criticized his reevaluation of the One China policy, calling it “dangerous.” “The One China policy is our fundamental relationship with China,” Harman claimed, connecting it back to Nixon and Kissinger. Harman argued that without the One China policy the United States won’t “have the ability to do other things I think we should do” like the Trump policies she praised.

Host Chris Cuomo also praised Trump’s measured response to China flying a nuclear-capable bomber over the South China Sea, saying, “China sent those nuclear-capable bombers down there, no word from Trump about it.” Cuomo pointed out, “That’s unusual because a big fear of people certainly on the left was maybe he’ll whip off a tweet…and he didn’t.”