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Jeff Sessions Wouldn’t Repeat the Partisanship of Obama DOJ if Confirmed

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), questioning Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) during confirmation hearings Tuesday, listed off various abuses of the Obama administration and the inadequacies of the Department of Justice in confronting those abuses. Cruz mentioned the IRS targeting scandal, Operation Chokepoint, and sanctuary cities, among others, as examples of the Obama administration’s misconduct.

Cruz then asked Sessions if he believed it would be appropriate for a Republican Attorney General to repeat the partisanship of the past 8 years, “tit for tat.”

“No, I do not,” Sessions answered.

“I think we do have to be aware that when something like this is done… I do believe it has a corrosive effect on public confidence in the constitutional republic which we are sworn to uphold,” Sessions continued.

Cruz affirmed Sessions’ answer, “I think you are exactly right.”