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Joe Biden: Middle-Class Incomes Are Just Fine

Former Vice President Joe Biden declared that middle-class Americans are doing just fine, when it comes to their income, during an event held by House Democrats to mark the seventh anniversary of the Obamacare signing on Wednesday.

“This is all about making sure that hard-working people, and, by the way, middle-class people who otherwise seem to be doing alright in their income, except [for] the cost of their health care,” Biden declared.

Biden was talking about the possible adverse impact that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would have on middle-class Americans when he made the claim that middle-class Americans are doing “alright.”

It seems that Biden missed the whole point of the 2016 election, when middle-class Americans voted for Donald Trump because many have not seen their incomes improve in years.

According to exit polls from Election Day, half of the people who voted said the economy was the most important issue in their vote.

Forbes wrote, following the election:

Class has been a bigger factor in this election than in any election since the New Deal era. Trump’s insurgency rode largely on middle- and working-class fears about globalization, immigration and the cultural arrogance of the “progressive” cultural elite.

Many middle- and working-class Americans haven’t seen an increase in their paychecks in years, and that is why some left the Democratic Party in November and voted for Trump.