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Joe Lieberman Supports Trump’s Israel Ambassador Pick

Former Democratic vice presidential candidate and independent Senator Joe Lieberman praised David Friedman, Donald Trump’s choice for Ambassador to Israel, Thursday morning on CNN’s New Day.

Lieberman offered his praise as someone who personally knows Friedman: “I like him a lot. I think he’s extremely capable … I think the most important thing is that President-elect Donald Trump wants David Friedman to be the Ambassador to Israel.” He continued: “He and President Trump want to be part of achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

New Day host Alisyn Camerota asked Lieberman about the Trump administration’s plan to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “I’m for that,” he responded.

However, Lieberman qualified his praise, disagreeing with Friedman’s past controversial statements. “I don’t agree with him on everything he’s ever said,” Lieberman said. Regarding these statements, though, Lieberman expressed belief that Friedman regretted his words. “I think he feels that he said that in the heat of the campaign, in which he was really trying his hardest to advocate for Donald Trump,” he said of one of Friedman’s comments.

Camerota also asked Lieberman about the possibility of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner helping to facilitate a peace process between Israel and Palestine. “I think that’s fine … I know Jared a little bit, not a lot, but he seems very capable to me,” Lieberman said. He continued: “Everybody’s going to know that he, like David Friedman, really represents the President of the United States.”