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John King: President Obama Essentially Called Donald Trump Un-American

Following, President Obama’s press conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, CNN’s John King noted that President Obama seemed to be calling Donald Trump un-American.

During the press conference, Obama told reporters his comments regarding Donald Trump would be more subdued, given the nature of the press conference.

That’s not what John King saw, however, saying, “He [Presdient Obama] essentially on several points, without using the word, called Donald Trump ‘un-American.’ He said he was whining about saying the election is rigged before the results. He said that was just un-democratic, it’s not the way we do it in our system, and he said he was essentially out-of-bounds against Democratic values, Republican values, and American values when it comes to his handling of Vladimir Putin. It was a little more subdued, but I think he made his point.”