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John Podesta Doesn’t Deny Calling Bernie Sanders A ‘Doofus’

‘You know you say things in private that you regret.’

Ahead of the final presidential debate, John Podesta appeared on CNN and was asked about his emails that were recently released by WikiLeaks.

Wolf Blitzer asked Podesta about an email exchange between Podesta and Neera Tanden about Bernie Sanders.

In the email exchange, Podesta called Sanders a “doofus” for opposing the Paris climate agreement.

“Well, you know, I have great respect for Bernie Sanders. There was a moment where he opposed the Paris deal, where, you know, without conferring the accuracy of the e-mail, I was frustrated with him, but he and I have a very good relationship,” Podesta said to Blitzer.

Blitzer added, after Podesta’s response, that he did indeed seem to call Sanders a “doofus” and the email exchange regarding it was accurate.

“You know you say things in private that you regret,” Podesta told Blitzer. The Clinton campaign has been relentlessly attacking Donald Trump for lewd comments he made in private.